Bullet journal. Wait, what’s that??


bullet journal.jpgHi there,

Are you always postponing and forgetting your friends and relatives birthday?? Do you want to organize your life but don’t know how?? Well don’t worry, in this post I’m going to show you how to end methodize your life with just a simple note book and lotsss of creativity. The key, it’s a bullet journal!! Wait, but what’s that?? Most of the people doesn’t know about it, even though I think this should be more divulgated. Because for me, it’s a powerful tool that improved and changed my whole lifestyle and I hope that it helps yours as well.

A bullet journal is an organization method where you can concentrate every aspect of your life like your whole past, present and future agenda, to be in contact with all your events so that you won’t forget anything.

However, there are much more utilities that the bullet journal has like keeping track of your mood, movies, series, books, habits, life goals and many other things that you could want to control in your life.

The potential of the bullet journal is endless, since it’s just a normal white notebook where everything is designed and organized in your way. This is the main difference between the bullet journal and a normal agenda, where you are restricted to its topics.

During my blog journey I’m going to teach you, step by step, how to create a beautiful and useful bullet journal!! Keep in touch and I promise I won’t let you down.

With love,





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