How to start a bullet journal??

Welcome to my first bullet journal tutorial!! Today I’m going to show you which materials you’ll need to start the bullet journal and the first three essential topics, the index, the key and the future log.


First, you’ll need a note book. It can be whatever you want, but for me the dotted is the best one because it helped me to keep a better and organized presentation. Moreover, you’ll need two types of pens, some of them to colour and others to write and draw. To colour, if you want your bullet covered in colourful hand-lettering and doodles, the brush pens are the best option. To do the outlines and to write, I recommend the 0.1 to 0.5 black pens (I used Micron,uni pin and staendtler, excellent quality).


Finally, don’t forget to use a ruler and lots of cool stickers!!! However never forget that your supplies won’t make you more effective, your mentality does so always face it with a positive mind and don’t worry if it goes wrong, the most important thing is for you to enjoy yourself!


Now let’s get to work and make the index!!The index is where you register all the topics of your bullet so that you know in which exactly page is the aspect of your life that you want to analyse. You will fill the index as you go through the year, so it will only finish when you end the notebook.


The key is where you “translate” all your bullets so that you and anyone can understand your bullet organization. As you can see, in the key I have a bullet to tasks, to a completed task, to a migrated task (when you postpone it), to notes, to events, to cancelled events, to prioritization, to birthdays and finally to work deadlines. You can do more bullets if you want, but here’s an advice, concentrate on what you really need in order to get it clear and understandable.


The future log is where you have a big picture of your whole year so that you can organize your present in order to keep up with your future events like birthdays, appointments… This way I promise you won’t forget anything, and you will absolutely have a clear and more organized vision of your life.

I hope that you enjoyed my first tutorial and that you’ll find it useful. In the next bullet journal tutorial, I’m going to give you some ideas to your December theme and organization. I’m just going to say that is going to be about Christmas (so obvious). So keep in touch and leave some comments so I can improve.

With love and creativity,


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