My trip to Óbidos

Yesterday I went to Óbidos which is a beautiful small town in Portugal full of cute shops and lots of traditional products. Like the ginjinha de Óbidos which is an alcoholic drink with the particularly that the cup where you drink is made of chocolate so you can eat it in the end!! Of course I didn’t drink the traditional one, I drunk one non alcoholic (actually made for kids😂) but I guess it’s as good as the normal one because I totally loved it and that chocolate cup in the end was just the cherry on the top of the cake.😍

The shops were all amazing with lots of hand made and old toys, traditional products and cute clothes. I even found this huge bookshop with a tiny organic grocery. I mean books and organic food?? That’s heaven! 😝And by talking about food, at lunch I ate at an amazing restaurant where they actually had a vegetarian option and it was delicious.

Moreover, I went to a Christmas market there called “Vila Natal” and I had soo much fun. Everything was so well decorated and the food… They had so many Christmas sweets like hot chocolate in a very funny cup, waffles, popcorn… I felt like a child again. And the amusments were really cool and on the ice!! Christmas was on the air!!🎄

I had a wonderful day that’s actually a thing that hadn’t happen to me in ages! I really feel that my life is changing for better! So I definitely recommend you to go and visit Óbidos specially in Christmas and I hope that you have an amazing time like I had!! Life is really a suprise!!

With love,


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