Healthy lunch in just five minutes?!? Don’t need fast food anymore!!

Hi kitchen lovers,

Yesterday I was in a rush and I had to make my lunch. As I was feeling super creative, I decided to make something up. I thought that it was going to come something horrible because It was very simple and fast, instead of it, came out to be one of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted!!

Now that you’re probably curious, here is the recipe:

  • ½ butternut pumpkin
  • 1 tea cup of gluten-free couscous (I used corn couscous)
  • 1 ½ tea cup of water
  • ½ vegetable broth
  • a handful of Dried grapes
  • a handful of nuts
  • thyme


  • 1 soap spoon of Dijon mustard
  • 1 soap spoon of olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  1. Cut the butternut pumpkin in small squares and sauté it in a pan with a dash of olive oil and some thyme. Wait until it’s soft;
  2. While you wait for the pumpkin, start to make the couscous. Put them in a bowl with a 1 ½ of water and the vegetable broth melted in it, cover them and wait until they’ve absorbed all the water;
  3. Now that we have all the ingredients cooked, let’s make the sauce!! You just need to mix all the ingredients that I’ve told you to make the sauce and it’s done;
  4. Now mix everything with the nuts and the dried grapes and top the dish with the sauce and that’s it!!

Simple and super-fast right?? The combination of the flavours it’s just perfect and that sauce… Yummy!! I made this gluten-free option as I’m intolerant, but of course you can use other type of couscous. Hope that it was useful for when you’re in a rush or even if you’re not and that you’ll like it as much as I do!!

With love,



My top 10 healthy and delicious snacks

Have you ever felt hungry while watching your favourite serie?? However it’s in the middle of the afternoon and you don’t want an actual meal?? You just want to snack!! As we all know, most of snacks are super unhealthy because they are full of salt, fat and sugar. Well, from now on you won’t need to feel guilty for snacking because today I’m going to present you my top 10 healthy and delicious snacks.

1. Sweet potato chips


Now you can’t have the excuse that healthy snacks are not sweet. This is a very simple snack where you just cut the sweet potato in vey thin slices and put them in the oven with just a dash of olive oil and some aromatic herbs (I normally use thyme). Wait a few minutes and its crunchy and ready to eat!!


2. Raw vegetables sticks with hummus or avocado mayonnaise


I must admit that this snack it’s probably the strangest one, but never judge the book for its cover!!! As I’m an hummus and avocado lover (check out my post of healthy mayonnaise in just 5 minutes) I absolutely love this snack!! The combination of the raw sticks (I prefer carrot and celery sticks) with hummus and avocado is just simple and perfect!!


3. Energetic bars


These energetic bars are amazing because they are gluten free, vegan, raw and without sugar. However, since the main ingredient is dates, they are super sweet. My favourite is with cacao because it seems like I’m eating chocolate when I’m actually being healthy!!


4. Crunchy chick pea


This snack is super easy and full of protein, you just need to cook the chick pea in the oven with some salt, paprika (I personally love the taste of paprika with the chick pea) and a dash olive oil. Wait a few minutes and there you have a delicious and crunchy snack!!


5. Dried fruit


You probably knew already about this snack but I’m going to add it a little more taste by dry it with some cinnamon and pepper. These ingredients make the fruit more tasty and sipcy so be careful with the amount of pepper.


6. Heatlhy popcorns


Did you know that in the cinema popcorn are super unhealthy due to the enormous amount of sugar, salt and fat that’s added? However, who doesn’t love them and still eat them anyway?? If you want to be healthy and still eat tasty popcorn, I have the solution. First, cook them at home. Second, instead of using oil, use some coconut oil or some vegetable butter. And finally, instead of adding sugar, sweet them with natural sweeteners like maple syrup, agave syrup, stevia… If you want to give them a special and tasty touch, I recommend to add some peanut butter on the top. Trust me it’s amazing.


7. Nuts

snacks 4

Just nuts?? Yes, they are delicious but most important they’re super nutritious and important to guarantee some fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. Although, be careful with nut allergies they can be really dangerous (personal experience).


8. Puff cereals


Puff cereals… Just perfect to eat in yogurt or smoothie bowls. They are crunchy, delicious and now pretty much availed in all supermarkets. Although, be careful with the sugar, I recommend the ones with honey. If you want, you can do them at home too, it’s super easy. You just need to choose a cereal like millet, oat, rice, spelt… and with a dash of honey or another sweetener put them in the oven. Wait until they grow (puff) and its ready to eat!!


9. Banana and oat cookies


These cookies are made with simply two ingredients, banana and oats!! To do them you just need to smash banana and add some oat. Personally, I love to season with some cinnamon and lemon zest. After, just put it in the oven and that’s it. Does it sound real??


10. Fruit soaked in chocolate


Who doesn’t love chocolate and fruit?? Now try them together and its an explosion of flavour in your mouth. You just need to melt some chocolate, I personally use the 80% cacao and vegan chocolate, and enjoyed with some fruit!! Simple and delicious.


Now you have lots of sweet, crunchy and healthy alternatives to conventional snacks so just snack all you want. I hope that it was useful and that you’ll enjoy my favourite snacks as well as I do.

With love,



Healthy mayonnaise in just five minutes

Hi mayonnaise lovers,

Have you ever thought that mayonnaise can be heathy??The answer is yes!! I found this recipe on one of my favourite culinary books, vegetarian to celebrate, and it’s amazing. I mean how could it not be, its VEGAN and its base is AVOCATO which is so delicious and one of the most nutritious foods ever!!avocato

Like I promised in social media here is the recipe:


  • 1 big ripe avocado
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1\2 lime or lemon (juice)
  • 1 soup spoon of olive oil
  • 2 sprigs of corianders
  • Black pepper
  • Oreganos



  1. Put in a cup the avocado pulp, garlic, salt, the lemon or lime juice, olive oil and the corianders;
  2. Grind until the consistency is creamy and season with some oreganos and black pepper.

This recipe fits with everything from bread to salads and it’s ready in five minutes! Does it sound real? If you want to find out, try it and tell me what you think!!

With love,