A sweet vegetable pie!?


Hi kitchen lovers,

Here I’m again with my first kitchen post. I’m sooo excited!!Today I’m just going to give you a taste of a fantastic vegan recipe lactose and gluten free!!
It all begun in a rainy afternoon (yes I was doing dinner at 14pm) when I decided that I wanted to do a vegetarian pie, but not a normal one, a sweet one. Sooo instead of doing mashed potatoes with normal potatoes I decided to do with sweet potatoes and enriched it with some sunflower seeds. It’s amazing how a simple change of ingredients can change the whole combinations of flavours. It was very different from the conventional one and much more delicious ( I mean for me and my parents at least). I hope that I left you very curious because in the next post I promise I’ll give you my recipe so that you can enjoy it as much as I do!!
With love and sweet potatoes,