Handmade Christmas presents ideas

Hi there,

As we all know Christmas is sooo near, and we all have so many things to do. I mean with all the cooking, decoration, presents… We’re so worried about all of this things that’s is hard to even think about present ideas to give to our family and friends. I get sooo nervous towards this decision. I mean you need to give the perfect present to the people that you love most in order to show them how much you care about and if you are like me, you feel that no present is enough. To help you with this decision, here I have some handmade and easy Christmas present ideas.

1. Hand made post cards

A post card?? That’s so obvious and you can buy them in all shops!! That’s right, but it’s way more personal to do your own postcard. In order to make it special, I normally use some cute materials like cotton to make a Sant Claus bear or red paper to make Rudolf nose or even just some cute sparkles in a Christmas tree draw and, of course, lots of stickers. These are just a few details that give them a special touch.

2. Christmas cookies

Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies and made at home they are even more delicious!! Since they’re handmade, you’re completely free to play with the flavours and forms. They can be so diverse… chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, lemon… And the forms… they can be little mans, stars, toys, Christmas décor… It  all depends on your taste and of course the present receiver’s. Then, the toppings are endless, it’s a completely piece of art you can make bottoms, eyes, noses, sparkles with the ingredients that you like.

3. Cute photos

A cute photo or a mini photo album with your relative or friend, it’s flawless. It always puts a tear in their eye. I mean you’ re remembering a happy moment that you spent with that person. It feels like you are living it all over again!! To describe this present, I only use a word, MAGICAL! And that’s what Christmas is MAGIC. But, of course, you won’t only give a picture, you’ll need to give it a special touch, like make a cute frame or even make a whole photo album  all designed and with cute mini phrases that describe each photo.

4. Personal vouchers

Make your special voucher like, a voucher to the best mom in the world or a voucher for a big hug or to a cinema date, to a massage, a home cooked dinner… Use your imagination!!!

3. Clay sculptures

This is probably a little harder, but the outcome it’s amazing. You can shape whatever it’s on your mind, like tiny soldiers or a big and bright Christmas star. Last year, I made a tiny Christmas crib with some sparkles to my grand-parents and, although it was really hard to shape it, they totally loved it!! But I warn you, you’ll get all dirty!! Be careful with your clothes.

4. Designed crockery

This one it’s easy. Just buy some basic crockery and some propper inks and design the crockery as you wish. You can draw in it or even write cute phrases like ” to the best grandparents in the world” or inspirational quotes … Whatever you feel like.

And… I just ran out of Christmas ideas. Hope that you like them and that I could help you with your Christmas presents. Remember, Christmas isn’t only about expensive presents. Make them special and personal, make them YOUR presents and build YOUR Christmas!!

Merry Christmas,